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PRICE:From¥48000.00 (Indicative price)

SPECIFICATION:5800×700×2500mm or 5800×2200×2500mm (Transportation Dimension)
TYPE:Folding extended container
MATERIAL:Steel frame + Insulation sandwich panel

The operation is simple and fast. Product performance is reliable and durable easy to maintain. Easy to move and transport. The bottom plate is made of channel steel structure frame bamboo rubber board is laid and PVC floor leather is laid. The wall panel is made of 50mm EPS color steel sandwich panel and the top panel is made of FRP sandwich panel. Install 2 sets of external opening doors install 4 sets of lighting windows and install 2 sets of sunroof at the top. The joint of the box is made of stainless steel hinge and the upper flap is supported by gas spring. The cabinet is mounted to lift and move the wheel arms for easy movement and positioning. Normal circuit standards (lights switches. sockets exhaust fans).
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